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What is ARCS?

Data Management System made for Cooperatives

The Advanced Robust Cooperative System is an online platform that enables cooperatives to store, manage, and secure different critical cooperative data. 

A functional dashboard for each role

Unique dashboards for everyone

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ARCS Partnership

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We have a mission to help shape the future of cooperatives, and we are optimistic you can help us get there.

Becoming an ARCS partner will give you exclusive access to the latest tools before anyone else, be ahead of the curve and do more with less.

Online Community Credit Cooperative

A digital-first cooperative successfully partnered with ARCS. Here’s what they have to say

Partnership Perks

Partnership Perks

ARCS is designed to help all cooperatives in their growth and make a deeper impact in helping those they serve with our 1-year free trial period. After the first year, they can choose to continue with our affordable monthly subscription or cancel with no questions asked. 

Become an ARCS Partner and shape the way it will be used by cooperatives in the future. You will be able to test out the system and provide us valuable feedback which can help us improve your experience in using the system.

We will be with you in this digitization journey. Our expert team will be there to help you in every step of this journey.  

Learn as you grow your cooperative. We offer trainings and webinars to help you use the system and manage your cooperative to becoming a cooperative of the future.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

After the first year of free trial, subscription fees will depend on the size of the cooperative. The subscription fee for micro and small cooperatives is P2,990 per month. For medium and large cooperatives, the monthly subscription is P9,990.

The following are the basic requirements:

  • The cooperative must be duly-registered with the CDA.
  • The cooperative users must have access to stable internet connection.
  • The cooperative must be willing to assign or currently has a dedicated staff or member to be the point person for ARCS-related matters or concerns.

If you fit the requirements, you can apply as a cooperative at and you will undergo the onboarding process.

  1. Cooperative Application – The Cooperative applies through the ARCS website ( The cooperative will provide the following: 
    • Representative Information
    • Cooperative Information
  2. Validation and Booking – The cooperative representative will receive a call from our Business Dev team to confirm their application. We will also ask the representative about booking a schedule for an official presentation
  3. Presentation / Demo – Our team will present to the board and/or officers of the cooperative. 
  4. Submission of requirement – Once a cooperative is interested to use ARCS, they will be provided the following PDF templates:
    • Merchant Service Agreement (MSA)
    • Secretary’s Certificate
    • Demo Presentation
    • The signed MSA and Secretary’s certificate will be sent back to us along with the following documents:
      • Latest Audited Financial Statements
      • Certificate of Registration (if available)
  5. Training – Once the cooperative has submitted the required documents, we will schedule a live training and given access to the ARCS Manual
  6. Ongoing Support – The ARCS team will accommodate the cooperative regarding their concerns with using the system We can assist by providing:
    • Technical Support
    • Bug fixes and updates

Preferably, the liaison should: 

    • Be knowledgeable about using a computer and is able to do basic computer troubleshooting
    • Have a good grasp of the cooperative’s operations
    • Possess good communication skills to convey updates to stakeholders and concerns regarding the use of the system
    • Complete the ARCS Liaison Certification Training (to be implemented)

You may contact us via email at [email protected], Landline: (074) 620 9538, or Mobile: 0929 270 9336.

If you’re an ARCS partner, you may contact your account manager for any concerns regarding the use of the system.

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